A blanket of fleece

Bedspread size: 166 x 172 cm

You’ll need: 2000 yarn color: natural white (100% Merino wool; 125m/50g); circular needles № 3.5, length 120 cm

Basic pattern: knit according to scheme A. In width to start with loops before the 1st arrow, repeat rapport between the arrows, end loops after the 2nd arrow. All of these Phi. R. p. knitting pattern on the fabric. At the height of knit 1 times from 1st to 50 th p., then repeat with the 3rd to 50th R.

Border: knit scheme B. the height of repeat from the 1st to 12th R. Be careful! Sew the border on its right side.

The density of knitting: basic pattern: 29п.X31 p. = 10×10cm;hem = approx. 8 cm in width.

Manufacturer of bedspreads: dial 434 p. and knit the basic pattern. At a height of 156 cm = 484 R. R. from primary to close all p. to obtain the edges 17 and p. knit according to scheme B. At a height of approx. 6.3 m to close p., prong should end with the 12th R. scheme. Sew the edging to the outer edges of the curtain, while in the corners to make the border on the crease. Sew the start and end of the river border.

A blanket of fleece