Beret and scarf associated spokes

My name is Elena, I live in Perm. This kit was connected about 2 years ago, he was bred easily and without any problems.

You will need: 400g of yarn Arina 3 shades of any color (50% wool, 50% acrylic, of 108M/100 g), spokes №3 and №5. Gum (an odd number of loops) 1st row: * 1 individuals. loop, P1. loop, repeat from *, 1 persons. loop; 2-nd row: * loop 1 to remove (thread before work), 1 persons. loop, repeat from *, 1 loop to remove (thread before work). Knit garter: persons. and Phi. ranks – individuals. loop.

Job description


Dark thread on the spokes №3 dial 9 loops and tie an elastic band headband length 52-54 cm! The rim should be tightly encircle the head. On the long edge of the rim on individuals. side of the work on the spokes number 5 to dial a loop thread in a different shade. According to Phi. side knit into individuals. loop. In the next row to add 1 each loop through a loop, performing nakida. In Phi. the ranks of nakida knit into entities. screw. Continue to knit garter knitting, alternating colors of yarn every 8 rows. 35-th row every 3rd and 4th loops together persons. knit across the row, tie 3 rows without bauleni and in the next row, knit into the whole series in 2 loops together persons. to Diminish the loop that way in every 4th row, until there are a few loops to gather them for the thread and the same thread to sew a beret, combining stripes in color.


32 to dial loops and knit garter viscous, changing the thread color every 8 rows. To the ends of the scarf can be attached cysts I have without them).