Hat and scarf for girls. Work Roxanne

With the advent of autumn I have contacted here’s a bright supporting for girls. I used the strings Children’s novelty from “Pekhorka”, which is 100% acrylic high volume and crochet hook No. 2.

In composition it is clear that the thread is not particularly warm, so the cap is intended for warm autumn. Scarf in length turned out 120 cm and a width 12. Total set weight is 125 g, that is, about 1.5 skeins of pink yarn, a little less roll a yellow, and quite a bit of white.

Hat and scarf for girls. Work Roxanne

To begin to explain how and why I knit top hats. When EXHAUST 44 cm diameter of the bottom is 14 cm to smoothly rounded the bottom, we several last rows you will knit, alternating rows of increments and rows without increases. Several series is 2-2. 5 cm for baby hats, I get 2 rows-2 cm.

That is 12 cm I knit with the increases, then a row without raises, again, the number of increments, and then have no increases until the end. Of course, if you take the thread thinner, these 2-2. 5 cm will contain more rows, which then will need to alternate. And that the seam did not go to the side when knitting in a circle, knit 2 VP lift, and the last SSN attached to lifting loops for the second loop, capturing both the strings except the front wall of the loop. Necessary in the course of promazyvanija/ connections a bit to tighten the noose, then no gaps between the seam and the extreme SSN will not.

Now begin to knit. Thread take 2 addition to hats, and knit according to the scheme No. 1 6 rows of extra threads pink. Then we have 1 row without increases, then 1 increments, and after another 3 rows pink color without raise. A total of 11 pink series SSN. 12-th lines are finished with white thread SC, 13-16 (inclusive) of rows knit in yellow in the PRSP, and are finished one white a number of SBN. Now the last number again are finished in pink SSN, interrupts and fasten the strings.

For knitting scarf, I took the yellow thread in 1 addition, and scored the initial chain of 250 VP. Knitting a scarf in a circle, as shown in scheme 2. The whole scarf tied on SSN, first 2 rows yellow, third row white, 4,5,6,7 – pink, and the last, the eighth, white. Carefully hide the strings and scarf ready.

Proceed to the decoration caps. This will tie the Irish flower scheme No. 3, but I have a flower not fully connected – I connected instead of three rows of petals only 2. Immediately the edges of the petals sheathe beads, inside flower sew beads.
Leaves knit according to the scheme №4, and to get a different size, we collect a different amount of VP to the beginning of the leaf. I was taking: for high 10 VP and knit 6 rows, 8 for the middle VP and knit 8 rows, and for a small 7 EP and 4 rows.

Now sew the flower center in the center of the yellow part of the cap, when putting on a hat it must be on the side. Now, around the sewn flower petals, and hat ready.

Hat and scarf the scheme of knitting:


Hat and scarf for girls. Work Roxanne