Knitted sweater for women. Work Lily

A sweater knitted from yarn Alize Lanagold color 463.


Knitted sweater for women. Work Lily

Knitted sweater for women. Work Lily

Description of sweater

Pearl pattern:

Alternately 1 front, 1 purl, every row pattern slip on 1 loop.

Braided pattern:

Knit according to schemes A (backrest), B and C (in front of). Start with edging. and loop before the 1st arrow, repeat rapport between the arrows 6, respectively, 4 times, end loops after the 2nd arrow and edge. Repeat from 1st to 8th row. When 2 consecutive the yo in the next row the 1st yo purl, 2nd yo — face. In each 1-m and 6-m rows of the pattern as a result of nacidos be added to the loop, in the following entities. a number of these nakedi again lowered, so calculate the number of loops given in the instructions, they are ignored. For this reason, in the 8th row changes the number of loops rapport.

Pattern “Spit”:

Knit according to scheme D. the width 29 p. knit across the row 1 time. After the 15th p. (= persons. a number of schemes) loop to temporarily leave. Further two of socks knitted from separate yarns to knit the two inner strips of the cables — each 4 p For to start with individuals. p., as shown, and not shown in the diagram Phi. R. loop purl. Through 10, respectively, 12 p. band double-twist in the direction of the arrow (put the left bar on the right), then 8 p. twisted bands to transfer to right needle. Turn and continue with the 16th R. (= Phi. R.) scheme. In the height of the run 1 times from 1st to 52 p., then 1 time with the 3rd to the 52nd R. and finish 1st in the 18-th number.

Average end-to-end pattern:

Knit garter viscous — all rows facial hinge. The separate crochet edging to do, and purl the first and last loop front. Twisting to execute the instructions for the front.


Dial on the spokes 102 of the loop and knit to the bottom of the strap 2.5 cm = 8 p. pearl pattern. Continue working woven pattern according to scheme A. Through 53 cm = 132 p. from the lower strap = after the 4th R. the pattern all the loops to close the front.


Start as the back, but after the lower bracket of the loop patterns as follows: chrome., 15 p. braided pattern according to scheme V, 29 p. pattern “Spit”, 12 p. the average end-to-end pattern, 29 p. pattern “Spit”, 15 p. braided pattern according to the scheme, chrome. After the 2nd R. from the bottom bracket to twist the strip through the middle of the pattern knit as follows: * the following entities. R. loop to divide the first and knit the first 45 p. 12 p. according to the pattern, then loop to temporarily leave (the thread is not cut). Then knit the last 45 AP from separate threads 12 p. according to the pattern and then loops just to leave temporarily (this thread cropped). Then 2 hosiery needles to perform on average 12 p. 17 p. end-to-end pattern, beginning and ending entities. p. (thread trim). Spoke with 12 loops, turn 180° right = previous coach. R. top. Loop to connect with loops the right side of the front and all the loops knit 8 p. according to the pattern. From * repeat 5 more times, with the last repeat knit on all hinges only 6 rows. After 48 cm = 120 p. from the bottom bracket to close for neck medium 14 p. and first finish the left side. On the inner edge close to round neckline in each 2-m p. 1 x 8 p., 1 x 4 p and 2 x at 2 p. after 5 cm = 12 p. from the beginning of the neck close the remaining 28 STS shoulder. The second side to finish symmetrically.


Dial the needles for each sleeve 42 p. and knit for strips 10 cm = 28 p. pearl pattern. To continue the braided pattern according to scheme A. For bevels, starting from the strap, to allow both sides alternately in each 2-m p. and in each 4-m R. 14 times for 1 item, add loops to include in the braided pattern = 70 p. Using 24cm = 60 p. from all the loops straps close the front.


Perform shoulder seams. On circular needles dial on the edge of the neck 90. p. and knit in a circle for bakey 3 cm = 8 circle.R. pearl pattern. Then loops to close the drawing. To sew sleeves. To run side seams and seams of sleeves.
Knitted sweater for women. Work Lily

Knitted sweater for women. Work Lily

The scheme of knitting and pattern:

Knitted sweater for women. Work Lily

Knitted sweater for women. Work Lily