Knitting socks. The Work Of Marina

Will tell you how to knit these socks spokes. Dial on the spokes 40 loops. Next knit elastic band 1*1 the height of the heel, usually 6-7 cm
Begin to knit the heel: divide the loop 13-14-13.

After the heel is connected, dial the side wall 10 loops.

Begin to knit the sole, to the spokes 34 of the loop:
knit until the little finger, slightly pulling when fitting, because the heel is associated with elastic and stretches.
And because Slippers better to tie a bit shorter, he would sit on his leg tightly.

Then fit another heel loop so divided: 11-12-11.
When you finish knitting the heel on the needles there are 12 loops. Tie the thread of a different color
but you can continue the same thread, just plain Slippers.

One subtlety: it is necessary to have an odd number of stitches on the needle.

In the place marked by the pin of the broach between the loops vymazat 13-th loop.
If you score a different number of loops initially, then you may have an odd number of loops after vyvazhivanija the second heel, so no need to add.

Dovedale range to the end and “took” the edge of the slipper, now on pin 14 of the loops.

On the inside are finished all the loops and “catch” the edge of the slipper from the other side:
on the front is knit to the middle of the loop and on both sides of the loop are finished together.

Knit the middle, grabbing the edges on both sides, on the front side are finished together three medium loops.
The length of the middle course is knit to your taste, I usually knit it longer.
Run, if you want banded, I don’t, I have no elastic region is obtained.