Knitting the skirt. The Work Of Elena Shlyakhovoi

The white dress is connected with spokes of yarn for knitting “Summer”, 100 gr. – 400 m, composition of thread: 50% cotton, 50% viscose (they are silk with a slight sheen). This product left about 3.5 skeins. Connected skirt from top to bottom. Schematic attached, but I want to clarify that I enjoyed schemes: 21, 21 a, b, C, g to the bottom of the skirt was such as I have, i.e. zigzag, circuits 21D and 21E, it is better not to use.

Knitting the skirt. The Work Of Elena Shlyakhovoi

Description of skirt from the magazine

For knitting you will need: 400 gr of thin cotton threads, spokes number 5 hook №3.

The main patterns are given in schemes where there is a single wedge.

Attention! The pattern of the wedge for convenience shown in a separate diagram, where the number of loops increases for the expansion wedge. To combine the pattern you need on the arrows.

Density knitting skirts: 16 pet. 20 p. = 10 x 10 cm

Dial on the spokes 104 pet. (26 rapport 4 pet.) and provarite front surface 24R. from the waist up. Then knit according to the scheme each of the wedges 26. In the first row, start each wedge of the 4 loops and by double yo between them, increase thereby the number of loops to 6, and in the 15th to 10 years. (see figure 21). Follow knitting in a circle, each even number occurs as the reverse, i.e., all loops facial. Double nakida persons. promazyvaya 1 and P1. p. the Combination schemes follow the arrows, double yo, all the schemes performed between the loops, indicated by arrows. Provatas scheme and repeat the pattern with 21 – 40 p., then knit according to schemes b,C,g,d,E.

Empty cells in the diagram are indicated by the absence of loops in the pattern in a given row. In the future, at this point the loop may appear. When you are finished knitting, close-loop hook, promazyvaya chains of air. loops, to a number not delayed.

The scheme of knitting skirts:

Knitting the skirt. The Work Of Elena Shlyakhovoi

The pros in the diagram denote the garter binding (in front and purl rows facial hinge), but I didn’t knit them because I did not want bands of garter loops between patterns.


Legend to the scheme:

Knitting the skirt. The Work Of Elena Shlyakhovoi