Romper for a baby knitting. Job Svetlana Chayka

Jumpsuit for a newborn is associated with a gradient.

  • Yarn Baby Cashmere
  • Composition 60% silk arts. 30% microfiber, 10% cashmere
  • Weight, g: 125
  • The length of the string, m: 380
  • In three threads.
  • Consumption: Jumpsuit – 530гр. cap -50gr. booties 65гр.

Knitting needles No. 5 (circular) , № 4,5 ( toe) for gum.
Jumpsuit for a newborn is associated from the bottom up in garter viscous with braids.
Garter knitting rotary series:

  • 1 row: facial;
  • 2 row: front.

Garter knit in a circle:

  • 1 row: facial;
  • 2nd row: purl.

Braid of 12 loops.

Jumpsuit for a newborn, a job description

First fit one leg.
On the toe of the spokes to get 30 loops in a circular. Knit elastic 1 × 1 – 8cm Go for size spokes number 5 and add 3 each loop= loop 44.
For vyvazhivanija braids from the beginning of the number to count 4 loops to hang a marker and count 12 loops in the braid, hang marker. Of these 12 loops will vymazyvaja braid.

To link up 13, see to Associate similarly, the second pant leg.
When the connection leg on the plate add 5 loops on each side of the shelves. and on the other hand also added 5 loops when connecting the legs. Knit 21cm turning up the ranks, not forgetting to do the overlap in braids and edges at the placket for the buttons (to close the two loops at the end of a row and score 2 p at the beginning of the range over closed loops).

Continue to knit each of the front and the back without ubavo -9cm. Loops not to close and to move on extra needles or thread. Close shoulder seams for 9 loops. To shut using a sewing needle with large eye, way ” loop the loop”.

Raise the hood 70 p, knit up 18cm. To close a seam using a needle method “loop in the loop.” To dial the sleeve 28 p. knit round toe 13cm knitting needles. Make obuvki elastic 6 loops = 22 loops translate to needles 4,5 and knit elastic 1×1 – 8cm Close-loop elastic way.

Elastic method:

Loop closed as in the ordinary way, but before promazyvanie each loop will need to do yo. While looking at what the loop is the following – front or inside-out. It is important!
The front loop of the SC itself ( working thread said needle towards yourself).
Purl loop – yo myself (working thread said needle in the direction away from you).
To associate similarly the second sleeve.

To connect the lugs. sew straps of the pants. Sew on buttons.

Romper for a baby knitting. Job Svetlana Chayka

To bind the cap:
In two threads. Hosiery needles № 4.
Dial 56 loops. Knit elastic 1 × 1 – 2 cm to Add every. 10 loop and knit up the front surface 8 cm divide the loop into 4 pieces and close using a series of two loops on the wedge( two together, individuals of p. two together) .

Tie booties:

In three threads. knitting needles No. 5.
Start knitting booties will soles. We print on two spokes 8 loops + 2 edging. Knit garter knitting. The first lines are finished with no gain loops, and the second already start to make allowances in accordance with the scheme.

The gain performed in the following manner – remove the first (edge) loop and a jumper wire between the loops introduce a needle – it turns out the extra yo, which are finished inside a loop. Also do addition and before the last (edge) loop.

In the third row also provide allowances according to the pattern, and then knit straight blade 7 series and again are finished with a number of increments on each side.
Knit straight fabric additional 10 to 12 rows, depending on how long you need sole. Baby older, respectively knit more rows for a newborn would be enough and 10 rows.

6. The running series Obafemi hinges for this front edge loops are finished the two loops together. The last row is not closed.
7. Leave the last row on the needle and dial loops to the side walls of booties for 14 loops on the side and 8 stitches on the heel, on the toe remain the same 10 loops.

Now knit 10 rows elastic 1×1 – cloth formed the side walls of the booties.

It’s time to close the sock. To do this, we perform the subtraction on both sides of the toe. Are finished the front row of the sock (10 loops), with adjacent spokes of thrown one loop and her are finished with the last loop of the tenth series, which will form the sock booties.
Expandable knit and knit and toss a loop from the neighboring spokes and are finished two loops together. Thus, knit sock booties knitting while on the neighboring spokes will not remain for 8 loops.

Romper for a baby knitting. Job Svetlana Chayka

Are finished another front, a number of toes, making the twist on each side. So we got the 8 loops on each needle.
Next, continue knitting in a circle the front rows, and perform 1 row for lace, that is, two along the front, yo again and two together. This number then to insert tasevska that will capture a’s booty on the leg of the newborn baby.
Knit another 16 rows elastic 1 × 1, and close the loop.

Fasten thread on the wrong side and cut the tail.

Crochet knit lace out of the stitches. Insert it into the holes on the’s booty and tie a bow. Make POM-poms from the same yarn and fasten at the ends of the lace.

Decorate the hat and booties with embroidery Rococo.

The scheme of knitting

Romper for a baby knitting. Job Svetlana Chayka
Romper for a baby knitting. Job Svetlana Chayka
Romper for a baby knitting. Job Svetlana Chayka