Rompers knitting. The Work Of Ivanova Svetlana

Good day handy! Romper for baby 4-7 months very simple, but looks very good for the baby and convenient to use, since it is connected and garter viscous, so “grows” with the child’s growth))).

Jumpsuit is very soft and warm yarn Trinity factory, Alan (50 gr – 150 m, consisting of 50% Alpaca, 25% wool, 25% acrylic). Costume took about 300 g of yarn color turquoise 0522, a little white color, 5 buttons, knitting needles 3,5-4.


Gum 1 x 1: knit alternately 1 individuals., P1., purl rows knit in pattern.

Garter stitch: all loop knit facial.

The front surface of: persons. series – persons. loop, Phi. the ranks of Phi. loop.

Wrong expanse: persons. series – Phi. the loop of Phi. ranks – individuals. loop.

The density of knitting: 10 x 10 cm = 17 loops x 29 rows.

Rompers knitting. The Work Of Ivanova Svetlana

Job description

Back and front details

To start with bootees and knit as one detail. To the left of the foot booties on spokes № 3,5 single thread dial 37 loops and tie on the wrong side of 1 row of Phi. Outline loop No. 2 and No. 20 and knit individuals. stitch both sides from the planned performing loops in each 2-m row 3 times 1 nakida = 49 loops. Then link without additions 6 rows of coach. stitch, 2 rows persons. stitch and 6 rows of coach. surface.

To remove the auxiliary needle 23 of the first loop and the last 15 loops and knit the toe for the remaining 11 loops of garter viscous, promazyvaya in each row, the last loop of the toe with the first loop with the supporting spokes 7 times. To resume knitting all loops 35 and link 6 rows elastic 1 x 1.
For the leg continue knitting a double thread spokes № 4 garter viscous. 17 cm to postpone the knitting. The right’s booty to knit as planned for additions loop No. 18 and No. 36. To toe leave on auxiliary pin of the first 15 and last loops 23 of the loop. Leg knit in the same way.
The people. side of the knitting to join loops in the following way: to get 10 hinges, remove the hinge 35 of the right leg, to get 10 hinges, remove the hinge 35 of the left leg and score 10 loops = 100 loops. Continue knitting garter viscous. After 20 cm from the beginning of the region to divide the knitting in the following way: 27 hinges – right shelf, 46 loops back and loops 27 left shelf. Continue knitting pet 27 right shelves, subtracting in each 2-m row for armhole 14 times for 1 loop. Simultaneously for neck through 7 cm from the beginning armholes close to 9 loops in each 2-m row 2 hinges and 2 times for 1 loop.

Left shelf knit symmetrically jumpsuit. To resume the knitting of the loops 46 of the back, subtracting from both sides for armholes in each 2-m row 14 times for 1 loop. Close the remaining 18 loops and finish knitting at a distance of 47 cm from the booties.


On the spokes № 3,5 dial dual filament 25 of the loops and tie 8 rows of elastic 1 x 1. Continue knitting № 4 garter viscous, adding uniformly in 1-m row 8 loops = 33 loops. For lifts the shoulders at a height of 16 cm to subtract from both sides in each row 14 times for 1 loop and an overall height of about 26 cm to close the remaining 5 loops.


To run seams, sew in sleeves armholes. On the edge of the neckline for the hood double thread on needles № 3,5 raise the loop, leaving a free for 8 loops each shelf and tie 6 rows elastic 1 x 1. Continue knitting № 4 garter viscous. After 21 cm from the gum to close all the loops. To perform the seam of the hood. On a bracket fasteners left shelves for the buttons to perform 5 holes (neaten 1 loop): first – about 3 cm from the beginning of the edge and the last about 1 cm from the top edge, the rest evenly. Sew on buttons. To carry POM-poms, a large – sew it to the hood 4 less – for booties (to sew the chain to the lace out of the stitches on both sides).

The scheme of knitting:

Rompers knitting. The Work Of Ivanova Svetlana