Set for girls White kitten. Job Svetlana Chayka

Set for girls ” the White cat” ( cap – cat, scarf, mittens).
This model will appeal to your little fashionista at first glance. Fluffy hat with ears , scarf and mittens decorated with beautiful and colorful rhinestones.

  • Yarn Grass cotton (KAMTEKS)
  • Composition: cotton 65%, polyamide 35%
  • yardage : 100 gr. 220 MT.
  • Made with knitting needles no. 4 in three strands.
  • The head circumference 45-52cm.

Patterns for knitting:

  • Garter-knit all loops ( except for the edging), and in all ranks promazyvaetsya only the front loops.
  • The front surface – all loops promazyvaetsya the front and purl all purl loops promazyvaetsya loops ( In a circular knitting all loops promazyvaetsya facial loops).

Set for girls White kitten. Job Svetlana Chayka

Description beanie

Dial 72 loops, connect the loop in the round, knit round elastic 1 × 1 – 3cm. add 7 to each loop. Knit up 16cm. facial surface. Close to five wedges ( 11 knit into the front loops, then knit into the front two together for the back wall to the left, 1 persons., 2 facial together at the front wall to the right, etc) of Obuvki to do in a row ( only in front row) the Last 8 loops tighten.
On the lugs to have 12 loops knit garter viscous , closing on each side by one hinge. The height of the ears 4.5 cm

Description of scarf

Fit spokes number 5 in three strands.
Dial 18 loops and knit elastic 1×1 first and last 4 rows, then knit garter knitting. Close. Scarf length 114cm.

Set for girls White kitten. Job Svetlana Chayka

Description of mittens

Hosiery needles № 4.
Dial 24 stitches, knit the front stitch round, elastic 1×1 -8cm. Add 4 each loop ( three loops promazyvaya entities. the fourth loop promazyvaya of the broach between the loops). On the spokes =32 loops. knit 5 cm of the front surface.

Thumb to postpone the additional spokes 5 loops in the next row to get 5 loops. Knit up 12cm. to close each side of one loop( promazyvaya two together) across the row. when each needle will remain for 6 loops close in a row. when you remain on the needles for 3 loops, pull all 12 loops together.

Knit into the thumb 6 see gradually subtracting loops to pull.
Decorating kit flatback rhinestones, beads