Sweater cat knitting. The Work Of Ivanova Svetlana

Good day! That’s such a cat-a Sphinx, the Apollo current cold winter needed insulation in the form of warm and light vest or sviterok. Went through the Internet a lot of different definitions and vests, and sweaters different ways of knitting, but I found very easy to knit sweater-petal on the website “Nursery Russian toy dogs”Talisman of love” , I give a link.

True description siterock this dog breed toy-Terrier, but our Sphinx size is virtually identical.
The yarn took out the rest of this, it will need very little yarn Angora Rabbit (100 gr. 500 m composition 60% acrylic, 40% rabbit), the yarn is very soft and lightweight. Not all cats tolerate the fact that they are wearing something, so I chose this yarn. Spokes number 4 and 2.5. The model changes were introduced at the back tied small imitation of the 3 cables (on the same principle of knitting, which is described in the knitting of Slippers of peds), the bar for the chest, knitted stripe (added a dark gray color yarn Bambino (Kamteks))with one “pigtail”.

Just in case here is the description from this site, again I will say that the description is not mine, I just post it for General use.

Take measurements.
The length of the sweater is defined as follows: you need to wear a dog collar so that he was on it freely, and measure the length from collar to root of tail, or to the point to where you want that came the sweater.

The first detail. Top.

Start with the fact that we print on the spokes of No. 4 loops for “tail”, which will cover the lumbar region. To do this, dial 22 loop (9cm).
In every second row at the beginning and end of the row add one loop. So are finished 5-6 cm, depending on how long the dog pojasnichno and cereals. In our case it is 10 rows. The final width of the “tail” is approximately 14 cm is Not picking the thread at the end of the 10th recruit 10 number of loops, as in the beginning knitting. They are finished and, when he reached the other side of the road, just recruit 10 loops. Thus, we increased the canvas 20 loops and formed the width of the main canvas. secret: sweater better knit elastic. This will not only make it more bulky, but versatile, because being dimensionless, it is suitable for a dog of almost any completeness.

The knit fabric is smooth, without additions of bavleny to the desired length, i.e. length of measurements.
Now we need to form a throat. To do this, the first thing to diminish in the same row 12 of the loops.

little secret: as we knit elastic, in order not to break the pattern, the hinges need to be removed in pairs, i.e. are finished along front and back front, then front and purl purl, then 4 loops in the pattern, then remove again 2 loops, and so on until the end of the row.

another little secret: for then not to rush and look for a row in which we have been doing subtraction (and we do then it will be very necessary), on the edge loop you can tie thread bright colors..

Now we need to make sure that the sweater when he’s ready, good sitting on your chest and not restrict the dog’s movement. For this we vivasyan wedges.

1. knit into 10 loops, turn the knitting to knit the loop on the right needle and the remaining 9 loops purl to end of row.
2. knit into 15 loops, turn the knitting, to remove the right needle knit the last loop, and purl the remaining 14 until the end of the row.
3. knit into the whole series to the end
4. repeat the same on the other side of the road.

For what would vorticon looked carefully, it is better to knit on thinner needles. That is why I passed on the spokes № 2,5. Are finished another 10-14 rows (about 4 cm) and closed loop.

secret: after the closure of loops do not rush to cut the thread. Better 3 measure the length of the article and only after that cut. This thread will come in handy when knitting sweaters.

No need to knit the gate too long. I don’t think a gate with a bend will be able to significantly warm the dog, but may cause discomfort when driving can.

The second part, the Front placket.
This is a simple detail sweater because fit without the intricacies. Just recruit 10-12 stitches (I took a little more), and knit the length of the sweater without “tail”. It is only necessary to note that for Kobelkov this detail needs to be slightly shorter than for females.

the secret: a better link to the number 2 more than came out on the first part. Why? Understand, when you collect sweater

Dovlatov the desired length, go to the spokes № 2,5 and vivasyan 10-14 rows of the neck (as in detail No. 1).

Well, you’re almost there! It remains only to collect the petals in a single unit and that’s all! The Assembly begins with a neck. Can collect the parts with the hook, I just sew with needle and thread left after the closure of the hinges of the neck.
Details linked to the row in which we have lowered loops for the formation of the collar. Here is the thread you want to pin. This is the beginning of a sleeve. Stepping back at least 6-7 cm continue to knit the items. Do not try to leave the sleeve opening less! You want to knit a cozy sweater, and not a straitjacket!

the secret: before you continue to sew the parts, align the edges of parts that will close the stomach. Thus the excess length of the part 2 will go into the opening in the sleeve and make the sleeve more comfortable.

If you are not satisfied with such a big opening, and it seems that half of the dogs were left in the cold, tie a small cuff. Quite literally the length of 6-7cm.

Do not rush to breathe a sigh of relief and catch your beloved toychik to try on! You haven’t finished the job. You need to take a needle, rubber thread and strengthen the neck and stomach area. So, take the thread, needle, and sewed under the loops two rows in the area of the throat (where we were passed on to the spokes № 2.5) and two rows in the abdomen. For Kobelkov in this place you can do 4 rows of elastic. In the area of the throat instead of sewing the elastic band to pass through the lace, which will not only fix the sweater on the dog’s body, but also decorate it because the tips of the decorative lace is possible to obtain, for example, tassels or pompoms. Now everything! Left to fill the extra crochet thread and you can call for a fitting marsous your model!

Sweater cat knitting. The Work Of Ivanova Svetlana
Sweater cat knitting. The Work Of Ivanova Svetlana
Sweater cat knitting. The Work Of Ivanova Svetlana
Sweater cat knitting. The Work Of Ivanova Svetlana