Warm cap for baby knitting. Job Svetlana Chayka

Warm bonnet for your baby 0-3 months.

  • Yarn SOFTY
  • Composition: 100% micropolyester
  • yardage : yardage : 50 grams. 115 m.
  • knitting needles No. 5 and No. 4 (for gum).
  • Knit in two strands.
  • Yarn (for bottom cap) SEKERIM BEBE
  • Composition: 100% acrylic.
  • yardage : 100 gr. 350 m.
  • knitting needles No. 3.

Cap for toddler job description

Recruited 34 of the loop and knit the turning rows elastic 1 × 1 , length 4cm, then add every fifth loop and knit pattern of Fig;

1ряд – P1, K1, P1, 1 individuals. etc.
2nd row – K1,P1,K1,P1. etc.

Provatas 13cm join knitting in the round and closed like an ordinary cap in a circular.

Raised loops on the edge of the gum on the spokes number 3 and knit the inner hat face of the rotary stitch rows 15 cm Closed as well as the top cap. You should get this stocking with a slot in the middle. Now you have to fold the cap in half, align the bottom cap inside that would gum per centimeter curled inside the cap.

On the edge of the cap to dial a loop for the elastic, grabbing both edges ( the edge of the top cap and bottom) and knit across the row by knitting 4 rows elastic 1 × 1 down.
Then knit across the row thingies.

Need to find a region where they began the decrease beanies and knit into crochet vierci of the 7 loops article with NAC. every 2 loops. To associate the lace and insert into the edge of the cap. Decorate the hat knitted rose and beads.

Scheme crochet flower for a beanie

Warm cap for baby knitting. Job Svetlana Chayka