Womens jumper knitting. Work Valeria

The jumper for the master class of Natalia Revelers. Thanks to this clever! I modernized it a bit the scheme of “zigzag” and knit without crossing. Thread, acrylic color “Soft mint”, one skein 100 g/370 m, took two Hank, knitting needles 1.5 mm.

Scored 102 loops, knitted 20 rows elastic 1*1, then linked according to the diagram 112 series up, then each side added for 21 the loop on the sleeves and knitted 40 rows (for each, of course, the height of the individual), then knitted 15 rows elastic 1*1 and smoothly closed the canvas. The back and front of knitting the same. For shoulder made for 25 loops on each side, the rest of the neck. Sleeves are not treated.

Good luck to all and thank you!

Womens jumper knitting. Work Valeria

The scheme of knitting:

Womens jumper knitting. Work Valeria

Indicate in the diagram:

I front hinge,

– back loop,

About yo,

/ -two loops along the front.

In purl rows knit in pattern, nakida are finished wrong.